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Advanced Skincare For Men


Advanced Skincare For Men

Looking good isn’t just for women anymore! It’s a new century and more and more men are catching on and beginning to take care of their most important feature, their skin!

With increased athletic activity, both indoors and out, proper skincare is a must to protect from the elements and refresh after sweating, be it from work or working out. Hydrafacial will give you a deep cleansing and get you ready to take on the day, without having to take up your time. You can come in, and go out looking your greatest with the procedures starting at just 15 minutes.

Having a difficult time with ingrown hairs or clogged pores? The Hydrafacial will extract dirt and oil buildup, and free trapped hairs. Blue LED therapy will help kill any acne bacteria under the skin as well to reduce future breakouts. Your trained esthetician will be happy to give you personal consultations and pointers on keeping your skin clear

If you’re fond of your beard don’t worry either, you are not required to shave before your appointment. Though should you wish to do so it is recommended to not shave within 4 hours before a service to ensure your best comfort.

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